Jaclyn Dima is in the house tonight for No Pulp Music Night.

It is hard to pin point a specific genre when discussing the music of New York artist Jaclyn Dima. You put her album on, and what do you find? Off the bat, some jazz drum lines perk up your ears. We’re talking groovy beats. You can’t help but tap along…kind of beats. Enter, some nice folk guitar. Then it gets funky with some blues vocals. All the while, hooking you with elements of catchy pop jams. Jaclyn is no stranger to music theory and classical training, and this is very clearly spelled out in the music she writes. She successfully pulls off so many different components that it makes it impossible to pick just one category to label her music. And that very reason is why we dig her style so much. Jaclyn combines genre signatures that could very well stand on their own in a way that makes them fresh and modern.

Jaclyn’s music is reminiscent of the likes of Fiona Apple (we’re talking early Fiona here) and Joni Mitchell without being overly similar. Her debut album The Fall of Finding You is both sassy and playful, showing strong vocal harmonies and and well-crafted songwriting. You’ll get a little bit of everything with this album, so no matter what mood strikes you, there’s a track to relate. Dima takes you on a roller coaster of different emotions, and the overall product really works.

Her stage presence is quite charming. A sweet person, singing some sweet tunes. Though cute as a button, don’t think for a second this gal isn’t tough. She’s got one serious set of pipes, and isn’t afraid to get down.

We are extremely lucky to have Jaclyn back for her second No Pulp Music Night, and you can see her play live tonight (November 16). 

At Arlene’s Grocery, 95 Stanton Street

Time: 10PM

Cover: $8

This is her last show in the area for a bit, so you best come out.

2 11.16.10
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